Glamour/Beauty Ritual Information & Instructions

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Step into the world of enchantment with our Glamour & Beauty Ritual. Crafted to enhance your natural charm, this guide is your gateway to unlocking a radiant transformation. Embrace the magic—let's reveal the beauty that awaits.


Materials Needed:

  • Beauty and Glamour Loose Ritual Incense
  • Charcoal disc (Suggested but not required)
  • Cauldron (Suggested but not required)
  • Small jar of rose quartz chips
  • Single moonstone crystal
  • Pink candle
  • Lighter or Matches
  • Moon water spritzer

Items and Their Significance

  1. Beauty and Glamour Loose Ritual Incense: Lovingly made from herbs like lavender, rose petals, and jasmine, this incense is used to attract positive energies and enhance personal allure. The scent sets the intention and creates a sacred space conducive to magic focused on beauty and charm.
  2. Rose Quartz Chips: Known as the stone of love, rose quartz enhances compassion, self-esteem, and inner peace, all qualities that boost personal beauty and allure from within. It's believed to improve skin complexion and overall appearance by promoting harmony and love.
  3. Moonstone Crystal: This stone is connected to the moon and feminine energy, making it perfect for beauty spells. It is said to enhance intuition and balance emotions, leading to a radiant aura that attracts others.
  4. Pink Candle: Pink candles are used in spells for love and affection, but also for self-love and to improve one's self-image. The candle's color and flame represent warmth, attractiveness, and the positive energy needed to cast the spell.
  5. Moon Water Spritzer: Moon water is water that has been charged under the light of the full moon, embodying lunar qualities. Spritzing it around the altar cleanses the space of negative energies, creating a purified environment where beauty energies can thrive.


Each of these items is chosen not just for their practical uses in the ritual, but also for their symbolic meanings and metaphysical properties, which are thought to enhance the effectiveness of this spell. This combination of elements helps to create a balanced and powerful magical practice focused on enhancing personal allure and beauty.



  1. Setting Up: Begin setting up your altar by placing the cauldron (if using) in the center. If not using a cauldron simply put the Glamour & Beauty Loose Ritual Incense in a bowl in the center of your altar and skip step 3. Lay out the rose quartz chips in a circle around the cauldron and positions the moonstone crystal at its front.
  2. Cleansing the Space: Before starting, spritz the area with moon water, chanting:
    • "Waters of the moon, cleanse this room; let beauty bloom and glamour loom." 3 times. 
  3. Lighting the Incense: Place a charcoal disc inside the cauldron and light it. Once it's glowing, sprinkle the Beauty and Glamour Loose Ritual Incense over it, watching as the smoke begins to rise, filling the air with its enchanting scent and begin calling in energies for enhanced beauty and allure.
  4. Lighting the Candle: Light the pink candle while focusing on your intention for beauty and charm. Visualize your aura brightening, confidence soaring, and your presence becoming more captivating.
  5. Incantation: Holding the moonstone crystal, recite the following incantation 3 times:
    • "Moon's allure, and beauty pure, grant me a charm that shall endure. Rose for love, quartz for grace, let my mirror show a radiant face. With smoke and flame, I cast this claim, that beauty's glow shall know my name."
  6. Meditate and Visualize:
    • Spend a few minutes meditating, visualizing the spell's energies wrapping around you, enhancing your charm and beauty.
  7. Close the Ritual:
    • Extinguish the candle safely. Allow the incense to burn out completely. Conclude your ritual by expressing gratitude to the elements and forces that assisted you, saying, "So mote it be!"


This ritual and the corresponding items create a potent setting for a glamour and beauty spell, utilizing the magical properties of each component to enhance the overall effect. By carefully performing these actions, step into your power and shape the world around you through your newfound magical skills.

Repeat this ritual as often as needed along with other glamour rituals and start seeing amazing results! 


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