Anxiety Relief Ritual Information and Instructions

Materials Needed:

  • Anxiety Relief Loose Ritual Incense
  • Charcoal disc (Suggested but not required)
  • Cauldron (Suggested but not required)
  • Small jar of Labradorite chips
  • Single Amethyst crystal
  • Light blue candle
  • Lighter or Matches
  • Moon water spritzer


Items and Their Significance

  • Anxiety Relief Loose Ritual Incense: The anxiety relief incense is a blend of herbs and resins carefully selected for their calming and purifying properties. As it burns, its smoke cleanses the ritual space, dispelling tension and promoting a sense of tranquility and well-being.
  • Labradorite chips: Labradorite chips are chosen for their protective and grounding properties. Like the earth itself, they offer stability and strength, helping the witch remain rooted in the present moment amidst the swirling currents of anxiety.
  • Amethyst crystal: The amethyst crystal acts as a beacon of calm amidst the storm of anxious thoughts and emotions. Its gentle vibrations soothe the mind and spirit, promoting relaxation and mental clarity. As a stone of spiritual protection, it wards off negativity and promotes a sense of inner peace.
  • Light blue candle: The light blue candle represents serenity and emotional healing. Its gentle flame illuminates the path to inner peace, offering comfort and reassurance during times of stress and anxiety. As it burns, it radiates a calming energy that soothes the soul and restores balance to the mind and spirit.
  • Moon Water Spray: Moon water is charged with the mystical energies of the moon, making it a potent tool for cleansing and renewal. As the witch spritzes it around the ritual space, it washes away stagnant energies and invites in fresh, positive vibrations, creating a sense of clarity and renewal.

Each of these items are chosen not just for their practical uses in the ritual, but also for their symbolic meanings and metaphysical properties, which are thought to enhance the effectiveness of this ritual. This combination of elements helps to create a balanced and powerful magical practice focused on enhancing calming and safe energy.



  1. Setting Up: Begin setting up your altar by placing the cauldron (if using) in the center. If not using a cauldron simply put the Anxiety Relief Loose Ritual Incense in a bowl in the center of your altar and skip step 3. Lay out the Labradorite chips in a circle around the cauldron and positions the Amethyst crystal at its front. 
  2. Cleansing the Space: Before starting, spritz the area with moon water, chanting:
    • "Bathed in moon's glow, bless this water, imbue our space with light and protection, grace this altar with celestial embrace."

  3. Lighting the Incense: Place a charcoal disc inside the cauldron and light it. Once it's glowing, sprinkle the Anxiety Relief Loose Ritual Incense over it, watching as the smoke begins to rise, filling the air with its calming scent and begin calling in energies of safety and emotional security.
  4. Lighting the Candles: Speak aloud or silently affirm your intention for peace and calm.
  5. Incantation: Recite the incantation (provided below) with intention and conviction 3 times.:
    • Anxiety, depart from me, In this circle, I am free. With each breath, I find my peace, Worry and fear, now release. Calmness fills me, from within, Tranquility, let it begin. In this moment, I am strong, Anxiety, you don't belong.
  6. Meditate and Visualize:
    • Let the candle burn as you sit in quiet reflection, embracing the stillness that surrounds you.
  7. Close the Ritual:
    • When you feel ready, extinguish the candle and any remaining incense, giving thanks for the tranquil energy cultivated during the ritual.

 May this practical yet meaningful ritual offer you a sense of empowerment as you navigate the ebbs and flows of anxiety, finding strength in the simple act of grounding and centering yourself amidst life's uncertainties.


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